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The company Parthe Tube Ice Technolgy
had been serving its valued clients for more than 15 years.  The company was started in mid - 1990s and was largely involved in Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Commissioning of following equipments.

  1. Refrigeration and HVAC System
  2. P.S.A Based Nitrogen Gas Generators
  3. P.S.A Based Oxygen Gas Generators
  4. Air & Gas Drying Equipments


The Company has all the equipments that are required to manufacture, assemble and test the products that are being marketed by it. We stand guaranty for the quality/manufacturing defects on any items supplied by us. Our commitments to quality and prompt services have helped us to earn the goodwill of various corporate clients.

There is a team of qualified technical persons to strengthen the company and to fulfill the customer's expectations by providing after sales service.