Plate Freezers

Compact Horizontal & Vertical plate freezers with 90 / 60 mts freezing time.

We fabricate Freezing plates with high quality solid Aluminium Extrusions and Exchangeable aluminium spacers, mounted on dip galvanised /powder coated steel frame. The cabinets are fabricated with high quality steel structure cladded with treated wood or aluminium and covered with S.S Sheet on both sides.
Plate freezers
To prevent corrosion and to maintain high quality standards, all the internal structures are Manganese Phosphated & dip galvanised. Door latches and hinges are made of stainless steel. The cabinets are insulated with extruded polystrene. The flexible hoses are S.S. braided with complete S.S. fittings. Hydraulic lift mechanism ensures easy movements of the plates and uniform pressing to ensure true shape to the slabs.