Window / Spilt Air Conditioners,
Water / Bottle Coolers & Deep Freezers

The Range :-  

Available in capacities of 0.75 TON to 30 TONS.

The Features :-

• Easy Pullout Filter
• 4 Way Air Deflection
• Auto Air Sweep
• Reciprocating Compressor
   Optional Electronic Controls
• High energy efficiency ratio- low operating    costs 

Window/Spilt Air-Conditioners,

Fan Coil Unit

Indoor Unit
Technical Features :-

• Kirloskar Copeland Compressor renowned for    their quality and dependability
Inner Grooved copper tubing for increased heat    exchange efficiency
• Redesigned condenser fan for a longer and trouble    free performance
• More internal insulation provided for a quieter    performance
• Sturdy plastic inside make it rust-free and    lighter    unit
• Easy Pullout Chassis.